Huello 2

Huello 2 is a Mac desktop application built with Ember and Electron for quickly controlling your Philips Hue bulbs.

Choose a group (default is "All Lights"), apply a Scene or simply click on a color. Use the sliders to control Saturation and Brightness. Pull down on the handle to expose individual light controllers. If you want to only use Color Temperature values, click the "Temp" checkbox.

Huello 2! is free and you can read more about it and download it here!

Discogs Enhancer

Discogs Enhancer is a Chrome extension that adds useful functionality to

  • Better Collection page UI
  • Block Sellers
  • Contextual menu searching
  • Dark theme
  • Everlasting Marketplace
  • Feedback Notifications
  • Filter Marketplace items
  • Marketplace highlights
  • Notes counter
  • On-screen currency converter
  • Price suggestion comparisons
  • Release durations
  • Sort dialogs & filters alphabetically
  • Text formatting shortcuts

Discogs Enhancer is free and you can download it here!

Huello Dashboard Widget

Huello! is a simple Mac OS X dashboard widget that allows you to easily control your Philips Hue lights.

It automatically finds all your lights, groups and scenes. Simply select the light (or group of lights) you wish to control from the list and use the sliders to change the way it looks!

Three control modes are available — control individual lights, assign scenes via groups, or use color temperature to assign traditional white bulb settings to groups.

You can read more about it here! Unfortunately this widget no longer works with OS X.

DJ Sets

Slow Burners

October 2010 // Pitched Down House

Some slow-mo house for the late night enthusiast.


Groove Suite Promo

November 2009 // Deep House

A mix I put together in November 2009. I was hoping to send this over to Groove Suite but I ended up finding a fulltime job so I don't have much time for DJ'ing anymore.


Get Drunk, Play Records!

November 2009 // Disco

Disco tunes!


Soul Heaven

Summer 2006 // House

Proper summertime jams on this one. Sounds a bit dated these days.



Summer 2001 // Deep House

This was my first "real" mix I gave out. Mixed this one in my apartment back in Arcata, California. Some soulful dance music circa 2001.


First Mix Tape

1999 // Deep House

My first attempt at a mix tape. I only got as far as recording side A. Here it is.